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Semantic Delivery of Local Government Information


The Portal beta site is the first example (for the whole Local Government sector in Ireland) of what

is possible to achieve with semantic web technologies, which will evolve over time as we add more services and data.
As the key to the longevity and success of any Portal is content and content management the

priority areas of the project are the delivery of a suitable taxonomy that all content will adhere to

and that encompasses all areas of local authority business, or can be adapted to over time.

The second priority is the delivery of a service catalogue, where XML technology is used to define all

of the services delivered by the Local Authorities and then used across the whole Portal to allow

similar services to be presented together by the system


Service Catalogue


The Service Catalogue allows for service mapping across all projects where we can join up services as

they are all being described and delivered against a common catalogue. A common catalogue is in

use across Portal, GIS, Open Data, Social Media and Content Management Systems this (over time as

it is adapted) allows the citizen to browse through equivalent services by Local Authority.

The Portal has been designed with Open Data integral to the design. All of the services are mapped

to a common service catalogue as described above, but also, as data associated with the services

becomes available it will be provided as a RDFa or Microdata feed eventually as a SPARQL endpoint.

While this wasn't a deliverable for Phase 1, all of the GIS data on the map is available as Microdata.

The main benefit of this approach is so that App Developers, Open Data Developers, etc can write

applications directly against the portal API and SPARQL endpoints and use the native XML services

provided to use the data in their own ways.


GIS Data


The common deliverable here is a common GIS backend installed and hosted by the LGMA. This

common backend allows data to be published to a common catalogue. An initial (limited) example of

this is available on the Portal, using a small number of datasets – this will grow as we use common

schemas for publishing common data. The type and range of data and standards that are published

are not constrained by a decision of any authority to any particular technology. The server can then

publish data to an IDSI standard, Inspire standard or to Open Data formats as required, without

having to rework or gather the raw data again.


Other Local Government Initiatives


The portal will include other Local Government Initiatives, FixYourStreet, MyPlan, CheckTheRegister,

common events and Open Data. It isn’t possible at this stage to integrate them as part of the service

catalogue but future versions will integrate mapping, register services, events, etc as part of the

overall service delivery catalogue.